9 Replies to “有沒有人用Bluehost + WordPress 的?”

  1. 要不要问问DearHoney的站长

  2. 已经搞定!参见:http://www.2maomao.com/blog/
    I am sorry but we can not provide support for third party programs. This is a wordpress bug, I suggest you contact work press about help with their product.
    Please be aware that we can not normally provide support for a 3rd party program, however I have seen this issue before with wordpress and it may help you to know this is a bug with their MAGIC1 and MAGIC2 variables in the gettext.php file. You are using a custom install of workpress so I can not say this will solve the issue for sure, but replacing the $MAGIC1 line with:
    $MAGIC1 = 2500072158;
    and the $MAGIC2 line with:
    $MAGIC2 = 3725722773;
    may solve this problem for you.

  3. 看來是成功了,非常感謝您的資訊。

  4. Thank you for this article. I’m currently using BlueHost to host my websites and so far, they seem to be quite good. I’m not sure, though, what other people’s opinions are about the specifications of the hosting plan they offer, as you could get more from another host.

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